What is SEO and what is its benefit in 2020?

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What is SEO ?

SEO or Search engine optimization is the method of developing websites, in a way that suits the necessities of various search engines like Google or Bing to seem within the 1st page for the keywords and terms employed by potential clients of corporations, projects, and business activities.

What is the benefit of SEO?

You have a site and attract visits from search engines is what you want, in this case, you have to learn what is known as the science of SEO, science of SEO is a set of skills that enable you to increase the likelihood of you outperforming other sites when searching on a specific word in free search results, whether these results are on me Google or Bing search engine, or whatever the search engine, which means customers searching for you, and free visits

The most important factors for ranking websites in search page results

The efforts of websites in the SEO process will not guarantee appearing in the first search results except in the case of paying attention to all the details and focusing on all the factors that affect the ranking of the site and its various pages in the targeted search results of potential customers, the most important of which are:

Content Quality
high-quality content

the quality and relevance of the content is The most influencing factor in the success of SEO efforts, especially on-page SEO, for any website for what visitors searching for using the search words and terms used by potential customers.

You can specify the target search terms and the volume of monthly searches through Google Keyword Planner, and you can also use many other tools and sites to define search terms for the site’s content and new ideas for the content, including:

Find suitable keywords

The process of searching for the keywords that the visitor searches are related to the process of producing high-quality content that suits the user’s intention. We know that the keyword is not the main factor in the ranking of search results, but it is necessary to create a map of producing high-quality content.

By searching for competitors, it is possible to extract important keywords that have a high search rate during the month and use them to create content that interests researchers, it is important to identify the words first and then build the content based on those words

The amount, type, and strength of unique backlinks to your site
backlinks SEO search engine optimization

A backlink is links that point to your site or one of its pages within another website and direct visitors and search engine spiders to that page.

Is one of the most important elements of page optimization for search engines externally, and it is considered a compliment to the parts of the search engine optimization (SEO) process in which leads your site to be improving in various search engines.

high qualite backlink features:

  • Website value for search engines.
  • Relevancy of the site and its relevance to your site.
  • Page visits rate.
  • Type your link.

Tools That Will Get You More Backlinks

Make your site responsive on the mobile

With the increasing development of technology, the use of mobile in searches, browsing, and making purchases has become commonplace in our time, which has led to the need for sites suitable for mobile phones, so many have now turned to build Responsive Sites to suit Google when browsing through mobile.

Your website’s response to mobile in this era is your way to appear in the results of search engine pages, so follow Google’s instructions to ensure the effectiveness of your site on mobile and computer. You can also check the extent of your site’s response to a mobile phone through this Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Direct Website Visits

It refers to the visits that take place directly to your site by typing the domain name of your site in the address bar of the user’s browser or clicking on the name of your site that is previously stored in the bookmarks in the user’s browser, and the more direct visits to your site, the more the site becomes in advanced order in search results Google.

Therefore, it is preferable that the domain name of your site be short and easy to remember because this will lead to an increase in the number of direct visits to your site because visitors can easily remember the domain name.

Improve your site speed

The shorter the page load time, the greater the number of visits to your site, as the user feels that you are worth the time they spend inside your site, and since the pace of the world is moving at lightning speed, there is no time to waste in the delay, one second delay in loading the pages may cost you a lot.

free tools can use the help you know the speed of loading of your site’s pages, such as «PageSpeed Insights», which is one of the free Google tools, just put the link on one of your website pages and see the result of the analysis

Improve user experience

Why is user experience important?

  • The fact of the matter is that 38% of users will stop interacting with your site.
  • “Call-To-Action” places and their configuration for the user to help him interact with your site better.
  • How long a user will stay on your site before they click the exit button.

All the factors that we have mentioned help marketers to achieve the marketing strategy, improve the ranking of results in search engine pages, they work in harmony with each other, and help the user get a good experience within your site from the beginning of the search process until he leaves the site, and get a ranking Good in search engine results

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