Webinar: Your Ultimate Guide to Webinar Marketing

A seminar, conference, or lecture on the Internet or “Webinar” is a technique used by companies to present a presentation of their products or services and features to discuss a topic as well as for distance education. And it takes place in an interactive manner, where the participants take information, ask questions and discuss in real-time with the various stakeholders. Facebook allows its users to hold such seminars via live and direct broadcasts, which will provide more viewers and beneficiaries.

What are webinars?

Webinars are Seminars that take place on the Internet so that the live broadcast is used to communicate with the audience and the seminar is the presenter and he is the one who presents texts and all the media, and after the completion of that seminar, the audience’s questions are answered

How Webinars Can Help You in Your Marketing Goals

  • You should know very well that people always keep their personal information confidential, but when you ask them to do so via webinars, no one will mind.
  • In addition, webinars give you value among your audience and earn you respect, trust, and engagement with the target audience.
  • Webinars allow you to record webinars and view them to an audience at a later time
  • Webinars can be recorded and viewed on your site and social accounts so that you can share them with your audience later.

Webinar hosting platforms

Webinar hosting platforms facilitate the process of organizing webinars on the Internet, and provide many services, the most important of which are:

  • Determine the number of people who participated in the webinar
  • Identify devices that webinar participants used to register for the seminar
  • Determine the whereabouts of the audience


Due to the options it offers as it is an exceptional platform that enables communication with viewers throughout the broadcast period, in addition to being able to modify comments before they appear in the chatbox, it is also possible to convert a viewer into a presenter and it is compatible with various browsers.

also, it offers Automatic registration of the seminar, in addition to the security regarding chat rooms and passwords. For those who want to analyze and track data, this platform allows them to do so in an advanced way.




EverWebinar focuses heavily on sales and marketing meetings and uses the software model specifically to represent sales proportions. Therefore it focuses on providing bespoke webinars that are meticulously designed to provide the best possible sales offers and close deals.

The best way to organize a webinar is to use the sister product of this program which is WebinarJam, which is a traditional educational website that can broadcast a live event or pre-recorded presentation. Once you make a live presentation it is proven effective in the sales work.

You can then convert it to Everwebinar format, and use the same content over and over again. Since those viewing the content will need to register with the site in advance to enter, they will think the presentation is live even if it is not.



Rather than simply providing a place to organize webinars, Livestorm has three different settings available that allow the provision of traditional, custom-made, and automated seminars. you can create in advance and uploaded The content of the meeting or seminar or viewed live or be a combination of pre-preparation and live presentation and you can co-host another company if you want to distribute some tasks.

The main feature of Livestorm is data collected by webinars that can be directed to a wide range of applications, including Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google Analytics.



What distinguishes this tool is that it contains everything you need to host a webinar and helps you in all stages of the seminar from beginning to end.
It allows you to create your own room with the ability to attend the audience through private invitations, and it also gives you a landing page for the seminar. you can record the seminar with audio and video .and also add calls-to-action during the webinar, You can submit surveys until you have enough information finally It allows you to share the webinar via social media.



It is a tool designed to help companies of all sizes organize webinars, whit Create custom registration forms to register those wishing to attend, and collect the necessary data
Automatically send email invitations, confirmation messages, and reminders Branding your webinar.
The possibility of organizing question-and-answer sessions at the end of the webinars
It is possible to create pre-recorded webinars, and use the new Simulated Live feature to make attendees feel as if they are live, and this feature may be ideal for those without experience organizing a webinar. and also Provides you whit reports and analysis regarding the webinar.


Promote webinars

For a webinar to be successful, people need to attend it, in this paragraph we will introduce some techniques and strategies for promoting webinars:

-Start promoting your webinar in advance

-Create a landing page for the webinar

Create a webinar landing page. With the provision of all necessary information

  • Symposium topic
  • Information about the presenter
  • date and time
  • What will attendees learn

-Promote the webinar in social networks

-Promote using email marketing

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