Everybody Writes: Your ultimite Guide to Creating powerful Content

content writing

Content writing is considered the king of digital marketing in our time, and it is not possible to promote websites without the presence of explanatory and marketing content, as it is necessary for each website to have distinctive content that describes the work, mission, vision, and goals of the entity that belongs to this site.

With the development witnessed in our era in the field of electronic marketing and the modern technological revolution, content writing has become one of the attractive job opportunities that appeal to many, due to the flexibility it provides, as the content writer can work from anywhere and at any time without having to commit to hours Fixed time and single location.

What is content writing?

Content writing can be defined as a form of writing that is closely related to Internet marketing campaigns so that they are specific to a specific website to sell and promote its products or services.

The professional content writer works according to the description provided to him by the client, taking into account the use of keywords for search engine optimization (SEO), which makes the percentage of access to and interaction with this content high, in addition to promoting better website products or services.

Step to Creating powerful Content

understand your audience

Before starting to write content for your blog, you must first be fully aware of your audience, and what they need, and that makes the buyer person from the target audience in your hand

Understand the next step you want the audience to take

In order to direct the browser to a next step, you must refer to this step in every word if possible, and you will not be able to do so unless you fully understand that next step, its dimensions, and the extent of its value for the browser.

Do you want them to sign up for a mailing list, or do you want them to buy a product? You should also know their willingness to browse more pages.

What weakens the most written content for the web is the author’s lack of knowledge of what the browser should do specifically after reading, even if some marginal results have been achieved that the writer might benefit from, such as increasing followers on Twitter, the content should have one main goal that pushes the browser to achieve

Use the pronoun “you”

We talked about the strength of the browsers’ response when you talk to them directly, with the frequent use of the pronoun “you” as if you are in a conversation with them. The pronoun that is able to attract the attention of the browser in order to achieve successful and effective content.

The use of the pronoun “you” will add a lot to your content, the power of focus and response from the browser, especially to the details, and this is what is required to convince him, but if you do not use this method, the browser will feel that the content you write is not directed to him, but to an imaginary and unreal person.

Choose a catchy headline

Always think of a great headline that attracts people to read your article, and try to include some statistics or numbers in it. Keep it short, simple, and effective, tip: Do not use flashy titles that are not present in your content, it may really arouse people’s curiosity, but for some time Only, it detects fake content and leaves you alone.

use pictures in what you provide

The picture is the best proof of what you really present, the picture must be taken in a semi-professional manner, at least, and the comment on it should be appropriate to what you present. Try not to be bland in the comments until you win people in any way, make your personality distinctive.

Establish a clear and specific structure for the content

There are some ways to make content creation or content creation easier, such as by having a specific structure, outline, or layout for texts.

By the basic structure of the text, we mean that it is divided into sub-titles, or paragraphs, each paragraph divided into sections, that are important to the subject matter of the content being written.

For example: To write this text, we started by writing the main ideas or headlines in a Google document, with all the advice we want to provide, then we started developing texts and writing paragraphs and sections based on each advice.

Sketching this way helps make the text readable with eyes without spending too much time on details.

Rely on links that are important and useful to your readers

It is very important to use links in your texts, which lead users to other content within your blog. This makes people stay longer on your site, as well as being excellent for those who read because in this case, they have access to more important information related to the content or field that is being read.

The big problem begins when you put a lot of links just because of the apparent desire to keep the user longer on the site.

So, in order to have a good and rich content industry, every time you use a backlinks strategy, think only about the information that will be really important to your audience.

Try to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in the language

You should also pay attention to writing, spelling, and grammar in your Content Creation policy.

Believe that spelling and grammatical errors negatively affect the preparation and creation of the content, it is difficult to read a text that contains a lot of linguistic distortions.

Even if you are not an expert in the Arabic language, there is at least a certain level of mistakes that you should avoid going through, by following a course to learn language and grammar exercises online or in an institute.

Practice writing too, it helps. It may sound fake but in fact the more you write, the more you learn about methods

Apply SEO techniques to what you write

If your goal is to appear in the first search results in search engines (and I believe that should be your goal), it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with Search Engine Optimization techniques and apply them to all the content and articles you write.

These technologies help you to attract more visitors organically and naturally to your website.

You do not know yet how to master these technologies and practices ?? do not worry! We have the solution as usual !! Read the comprehensive guide that talks about everything you need to know about SEO !!

Learn about content creation tools

The Internet has made us accustomed to providing us with all the equipment and tools in various fields, to facilitate our work, especially when talking about creating content.

There are many free equipment and tools that are used for these purposes.

For the research phase of trends, themes, and prevailing tendencies:
You can use:

  • Answer the Public
  • Readability Calculator
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Tool
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush

What happens after writing and submitting the content?

Watch for reactions to the content

There are many tools that show you how your audience interacted with the page and the content provided, through a map or graph that shows the most important points that the audience interacted with, this will help you to know the matters that occupy your audience, and then focus on them.

Attention to comments

Comments are the best way for the reader to interact with the content, so put a box for comments at the bottom of the article for your own, and do not prevent anyone from commenting or blocking it, even if the comments criticize what you provide

they are useful to you on the other hand, and will undoubtedly benefit you in knowing points The weakness in your content and work on it.


Our last advice is that you should always write for the sake of your audience, and for this reason, you must know them very well, work to diversify your writing styles, you can, for example, rely on an attractive and very used style which is the style: the marketing story, we have a full article on that we advise you Read it to benefit.

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