traffic exchange networks: How to grow your traffic for free

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Once you create your blog and fill it with content and launch a site, the next problem that you may face is how to bring in traffic and increase traffic to your blog and increase the ranking of the site among sites.

If it is not usually considered the best source for increasing the performance of your blog, however many traffic exchange networks can still be a viable solution to this problem if you play your cards right.

What is the traffic exchanges network and how does it work?

In short, they are traffic exchange sites where you should visit the websites of other people who visit your site in return. People use traffic exchange networks to build a steady flow of traffic to their website.

You must sign up for traffic exchange sites and submit your website to all of those sites. Then, you will have to start earning credits by visiting other people’s websites since you want your site traffic and you can spend those credits on improving your blog traffic. Some exchange sites allow you to buy a traffic package rather than displaying others’ websites. Then you can also trade your balances for cash.

Pros and cons of exchange visits networks


  • There are free options available.
  • It can increase your traffic flow to your site and increase your ranking (sometimes more than 200%).
  • The mutual visits bring more and more cooperation and profits.
  • You will not have to spend money on PPC traffic or banner ads.
  • It is a method that may help you attract a loyal audience if your blog is of high quality through these networks and for free.


Your bounce rate is likely to increase while sending or getting traffic to your website because the average time that your website visitors spend on your website ranges from 10 to 30 seconds. As a result, your ranking may deteriorate.

traffic exchange networks

Hitleap (Exchange by a program)

Hitleap is known for providing simple solutions for customers to gain more free traffic in a very simple and convenient way and you can either earn or buy free traffic, with technical support service provided during the 24/5 business days.
Its advantages:

  • it gives you a visit for every visit you make,
  • the ability to customize the volume of visits you want to receive on a daily basis,
  • determine the source of the visit,
  • determine the location of the visit,
  • increase the duration of the viewer’s stay on the site, etc.

However, some of these features are not available to free account holders.

9hits (Exchange by a program)

9hits is a new site, but it has very useful options that are not available on competing sites or are available with premium accounts, which gives it an advantage at the present time, as it finds itself among the traffic giants.
Its advantages:

  • the duration of the visit from 10 to 300 seconds
  • the possibility of allocating the volume of visits that you want to receive every hour throughout the day
  • targeting specific geographical areas
  • changing the source of the visit
  • the language of visits
  • determining the number of impressions for each IP that reaches even once per month, allowing pop-ups to appear, which is suitable for increasing your earnings from advertising companies as well as link shortening sites
  • supports proxies

EasyHits4U (exchange by browser)

It is one of the best manual traffic exchanges. This easy-to-use service has a 1: 1 exchange ratio on the counter of 20 seconds for free users and 10 seconds for end users. This crossover ratio means that you will receive a visitor to your site for every site you visit. To save time, and has the service of buying visits.

Its advantages:

  • The exchange is manual
  • The number of visits per day is unlimited.
  • Communication is easy on the site.
    The free plan includes powerful marketing tools.
  • The platform offers detailed statistics and tracking.
    You can earn credits by referring visitors to the platform.

Alexamaster (exchange by browser)

Alexamaster is one of the best good sites in the world of traffic exchange. It has been in business since 2013, and with the passage of time it has provided a range of services to its visitors (exchange visits, advertising on the site with the points it collects, free work, …), but what is important we have in this The beautiful site is to get high-quality visits, it provides support to its customers seven days a week, 24/7.
Its advantages:

  • the ability to bring visits to your site or videos on YouTube through the exchange of visits or through text or image ads banners
  • you can also bring likes to your Facebook page (if you want to)
  • determine the number of points for each link
  • geotargeting VIP members
  • setting the number of visits You want to have it unlimited every day.

Websyndic Syndic (exchange by browser)

Autosurf Websyndic is an Internet traffic exchange system that distributes free visits. Millions of visits are exchanged daily by hundreds of members. This system also allows you to increase your advertising revenues, reduce your site’s ranking in Alexa, and more.
Its advantages:

  • the duration of the visit from 15 to 300 seconds
  • bringing in visits from specific countries or geographical areas
  • hiding or changing the source of the visit
  • determining the volume of visits you want to obtain every hour
  • the possibility of bringing one visit from each IP in 24 consecutive hours

10KHits (exchange by programs and the browser)

10KHits was established in 2011 and is considered one of the most preferred traffic exchange networks, as it not only provides free visits to your website but also has paid plans that users can benefit from by choosing between two plans, which are Pro or Business Plan with 24/7 technical support service / 7.
Its advantages:

  • the duration of the visit from 10 to 60 seconds
  • the feature of the visit in exchange for a visit of 0.8
  • targeting specific geographical areas
  • determining the volume of visits you want to obtain every hour
  • masking or changing the source of the visit to social networking sites or to the link directly, reducing the bounce rate to The minimum
  • there are reviews from users expressing their happiness with this service.


there is a lot of traffic exchange networks that can you work whit, this method can be helpful for increasing your traffic, but it is still considered just temporary or exceptional whey to drive traffic, so consider other methods for better results.

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