Tools to help you choose the perfect domain name

A unique domain is essential when designing and publishing a website. Website name plays a prominent role in SEO, marketing and identity creation.

Your website name and associated domain need to be catchy, short and memorable, and (most importantly) relate to what your website is all about.

Best domain name suggestion tools

Below we highlight the best domain name suggestion tools to help you find the perfect domain name.


IsItWP is a powerful name generating tool. This tool can generate many names in a short period and display them to the user in a list.

Simple to use IsItWP tool. It is sufficient for you to write the keyword related to your profession and click on Generate Name. Then it takes a few seconds for it to display a list of names for you. For example, if your profession is in the field of marketing, just simply write the word marketing and click on Generate Name.

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is a simple and easy-to-use user name-generating tool that displays tons of unparalleled names. Let’s talk about how this tool works a lot.

First, look for the keyword associated with the website. Then click on Search Domain. This keyword can be any word as long as it is related to your website. Additionally, the keyword that you are searching for, it can contain two or three words.


Domainr is a verb type like a search engine. You can enter your keyword or a series of keywords in the search bar and choose your domain from the dropdown list.

You’ll see suggested domain names highlighted in green, which you can purchase today.

This tool will show you results that contain a variety of different domain name plugins. Although some are not as large as the classic one, you might be able to find something very short and cute.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search works exactly what it sounds like, it helps you discover a short and simple domain name with its keyword tool and domain name generator.

Simply enter your chosen keyword into the tool and you’ll get a complete list of domains that display this keyword. If it’s a popular keyword, you’ll have some tweaks either before or after your keyword.

The best part about this tool is the volume of results it provides. For just one search, you’ll have hundreds of options for potential domain names.


InstantDomains is a powerful name-generating tool. If you are looking to choose a name for a new project or career, we suggest you use InstantDomains.

This tool is born from the most inspiring names. InstantDomains supports various businesses including music, yoga, outlook, health, and more.

Your research can be more accurate by specifying the various options. In addition, this tool allows you to specify the number of characters for the desired range.


Namestation is a great tool if you need a domain name generator. You can enter the niche of the type of website you’re building, the keywords you want for your domain, and then let the tool do its thing.

You can also check the “I need an available domain” box, and the tool will only show you domains that are currently available for purchase.


There are many tools for choosing the name of the site, but they are considered the most popular tools for choosing the name of the site and the blog. Many of these tools are free. However, paid tools have a lot of services and that is why they cause me to simplify the process of choosing the right name, the purchasing process, and controlling the domains.

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