The most successful way to get more traffic with Pinterest 2021


Why Pinterest?

when it comes to attracting visitors to your site, the options for social media are great, the choice of platform depends on your site, its activity, and the target audience that you want to reach. I can’t decide for you, but I believe in the power of Pinterest for various reasons:

  • Get visitors for free.
  • The potential for the content to spread to become viral is great.
  • More than 90% of users use Pinterest to plan their purchases.
  • All content is available for search.
  • There are over 75 billion ideas on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is fun.

Increase your website traffic through Pinterest

Whether you are just starting out with Pinterest or are an experienced one, the list below will help you boost your marketing efforts with Pinterest, which will help you get more visitors and customers.

Register a business account

To increase efficiency, register for a free Pinterest business account. If you have a personal account, you can convert it to a business account. Even if there is no visual difference between the business and the personal accounts, the business account gives you analytics and statistics for viewing your content, audience type, trends, and interests. Also, access to Analytics will enable you to verify your site on Pinterest

Create valuable content-oriented Pinterest pins

At the start of 2016, Pinterest implemented an algorithm change that affected how Pins are displayed to users in their personal accounts. Based on what I’ve noticed, it appears that it is now focusing more on showing blogging pins more valuable content.

Use guided search

To find out what kind of words people are searching for on Pinterest, use Heuristic Search to help you.

Whenever you type a word into the main search bar, you will notice similar words underneath it.

Find related words within those boxes you can put in your Pin description.

use attractive image

No matter how good your article is or how adept you are at describing new fashion, if there is no attractive image added to the article, there will be no traffic to your site! While the color photo, covered with eye-catching text, will give you visits and sales! So, make sure to invest your time in creating a distinct and attractive image when sharing your content.

Add buttons and widgets

this helps visitors to share our content on Pinterest, as this is beneficial and can reach a larger audience and thus more visits, and this is what is required.

WordPress has dozens of social media plugins that offer various ways on how and where to add Pinterest share buttons. Using WordPress plugins will make it easy to add share buttons on many sites, you can choose between multiple shapes and specify where the buttons are to be placed, above or below the content, and other features.

Use multiple keywords in your Pins descriptions

This is why it is important to go beyond your following and think of Pinterest as exactly Google. And as a good blog post, every pin that redirects to a site should contain 2-3 keywords in the description.

Make sure you use the same keywords on 5-10 different pin descriptions because you never know which one will get higher levels of engagement and rank higher in search results .


Pinterest has been one of the fastest growing social media sites of the past decade, and I’m sure it won’t go away anytime soon.

It may have started out as a place where people dream of their dream home or travels, but it has also become a massive social media platform and affordable marketing medium with millions of users looking for quality and engaging content.

Try all or some of the tips I gave you and don’t miss the opportunity to reach new potential audiences who might be your new customers.

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