Reddit alternatives: the guide for more free traffic source

How to get visitors to your site from Reddit for free, is one of the easy and professional ways in the world to bring visitors to the blog, as this traffic is characterized by being real and of high quality, while you can bring tens or hundreds of thousands of visits per month, and you can also rely on it as Pak Link is strong for the site.

Today we will present you the best alternative sites for Reddit to get free traffic, publicize your site and increase the number of visitors

Similar Site to Reddit


Steemit is the most different site on the list of sites like Reddit. It can be seen as a mixture of Reddit and Cora. Steemit’s idea was described in a March 2016 white paper. Here, users can post their own content and based on the extra votes, get Steem codes. Steem was created to stimulate the use of Steemit.

To use Steemit and create an account, you need to create an account using your email and phone number. Just to visit and read the article, you do not need to register. To me, Steemit seems like a good idea for a group of content creators looking to make some income.


Quora is more than Yahoo! The answers are competitive from Reddit, but it was a great place for smart conversations that sprouted from just a simple question.

Quora allows its users to ask questions on the site and other users can answer those questions if they feel they have an idea about the topic. You can either continue to be asked questions and answered by the experts or you can write the answers yourself if you know a lot about the topic. You only have to choose the topics you are interested in and you will receive all questions and inquiries related to the topic, You can then choose the answer to the number you want.

Answering the questions will increase your level of experience in the community. You can follow other experts and have other followings as well. Quora gives you an entire community where you can have smart and healthy discussions with your peers without having to deal with any unwanted posts.


Snapzu is the most visually appealing website on this list. Although it is not open source (but it is free to use), I have added it to this list due to its popularity. It is a platform for communities where different people can attend and participate in the discussion. This Reddit alternative does not require any personal information and supports anonymity. If you are a blogger/influencer, you should add this information for payment purposes, which makes sense.

The entire Snapzu layout is tab-based. You can vote for jobs or reduce their size. Individual societies are called “tribes”. On this site like Reddit, you can also choose the different tribes from the links in the top bar.


If discovering the newest and greatest things on the internet that you seek then nothing beats StumbleUpon because it is the best site for finding amazing things submitted by different people from all over the world.

StumbleUpon helps you to actually stumble upon (no pun intended) some amazing content provided by various users.

Users provide various news, stories, discoveries, etc. on the site, and all the content submitted to the spiders is also displayed. You will start exploring by clicking on the Explore button and begin your journey of discovering amazing things. Keep stumbling until you find something interesting that is the motto of this amazing service.


While it may not be open source, this site like Reddit. Personally, I visit this site countless times every day. In the event that you are looking for original content that has the power to satiate your hunger for news published and blog, then this should be your website. This alternative also has a comment.


Slashdot hosts an impressive collection of regularly updated articles from various departments such as Technology, Open Source, Entertainment, and Politics. This site is a well-known name among geeks due to the high quality of discussion that occurs in every submission. You can provide yourself links and participate in the discussion.

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