NameCheap: The ultimate review

Do you want to build a website and introduce it to the public through the internet? Are you wondering how the tons of files you need to include in your website will reach an audience online? What you actually need is a domain builder and web hosting software. If you visit the web today, you will find many domain builders, website builders, and web hosting software such that determining the one to trust with your website’s project becomes a difficult task. To save you from this daunting task, I have determined through research and reading many reviews, a reliable and easy to use domain building and website hosting solution;


If this is the first time you are learning about this software, I am more than excited to take you through its review.

What is NameCheap?

NameCheap has, for a long time, been known as a domain builder and management software. Founded in 2000, NameCheap has succeeded in registering over 10 million active domains. This software has since grown to introduce Webhosting, a service that makes it a one-stop package for people running websites. Isn’t building a website, purchasing a domain name and a hosting plan from the same provider a cool thing?

NameCheap features

Domain names

This software can register more than 400 extensions meaning that NameCheap more likely supports your preferred extension. On choosing your keywords and with the help of filter, their beast mode, a feature they offer on their website, can give you highly customized domain names. With a list of domain names related to the keyword you have chosen, you can easily select the one that seems interesting to you and register it in real-time.

• Applications

Some of the most crucial applications offered by NameCheap are Easy WP, VPN, and webpage creator. With Easy WP, you can easily install and configure WordPress in any way. The VPN service is excellent as it allows unlimited surfing. The web page creator assumes the drag and drop style that is one of the most straightforward ways of creating web pages.

• Databases

In the web hosting arena, databases are very crucial, a reason why they are increasingly becoming limited. NameCheap plans come with an acceptable amount of databases.

• Storage

From the most basic plan offering at least 20 GB of storage to the high-end plans that offer up to 1TB storage capacity, all with very reasonable price quotes, you will never encounter any storage problems.

• SSL certificate

An SSL certificate makes your website more reliable to every visitor. Every NameCheap plan comes with positive SSL certificates, a very sought after feature by website builders and owners.

Main services offered

If you visit NameCheap’s website, you will get the following services:

• Website building

If you subscribe to a hosting plan, this is absolutely free. With just a click of several buttons and moving elements to their strategic point, you can quickly build a working website. This service also comes with several templates, responsive designs, networking, and store optimization.

• Web hosting

From traditional to optimized WordPress plans, you will definitely find a hosting plan that suits you. This, plus their efficient servers and VPS, makes NameCheap’s hosting capability one of its kind.

• Webmail

If you want to choose customized domains, manage your accounts and reduce spam, you definitely need to try their specialized plans for email marketing.

• Logo maker

If you don’t have a good logo for your website, NameCheap can help you design it for free. All you need to do is follow the prompts given and you will have your logo ready to download

NameCheap offers prices

Even if the features that this software offers do not convince you to use it, the prices surely will. To start with, this software offers free and discounted domains provided you are in one of their out of the box hosting plans. Even more importantly, you can quickly transfer the domains from a different registrar with NameCheap. With this alone, choosing NameCheap means that you are saving on the overall cost you will spend on your website building project.

If we cross to the hosting services, NameCheap offers very reasonable prices for all their plans. For yearly and 2 years plans, you will be receiving a 50% discount for your first year. The main NameCheap packages are:

  • 1/ Stellar- This will cost you $2.88/month for the Monthly plan, $2.57/month for the Yearly plan, and $1.24/month for the 2 Years plan.
  • 2/ Stellar plus –Here, you will spend $4.88/month for the Monthly plan, $2.44/month for the Yearly plan, and $2.24/month for the 2 Years plan.
  • 3/ Stellar business- This is the high-end package that will cost you $8.88/month for the Monthly plan, $4.44/month for the Yearly plan, and $3.88/month for the 2 Years plan.

All these packages come with the basic features you need. The features are, however, improved from stellar to stellar business, for example, in terms of the number of websites, domains, file limits, and disk size.

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What about their support team

Although they do not have a phone or email support, a live chat is available 24/7 to respond to your questions and concerns in real-time. The customer support team comprised of operation leaders, quality assurance analysts, and training managers is always passionate to help you.


  • Relatively cheaper web hosting
  • Offers design templates for a wide range of businesses
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 1-year free domain
  • Fast loading time
  • All plans have the necessary features you need
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Insufficient integrations
  • Not ideal for high- traffic website
  • Technical support only in English

The bottom line

There has never been a program offering all the essential services and features as a single package like NameCheap in the website creation and hosting arena. With this software, you don’t even need to have a website. Just have keywords of the business idea you want your website to be built on and NameCheap will take it from here. From the cost perspective, you can be sure that NameCheap will provide value for your money with their premium services.

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