make money from Amazon :all the methods and information.

There are many ways to make money from Amazon, but there are limitations. It’s a little hard to believe that Amazon once started as a bookstore.

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, you might think that it is only the largest online store on the surface of the planet and only, but the fact of the matter is that Amazon owns more than 70 different companies and services in the world.

Ways to Profit from Amazon

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has provided Internet professionals and marketers with a wonderful opportunity to work by marketing Amazon products in exchange for a percentage ranging between 10 to 15%, and the origin of the word affiliate is that it is a foreign term that means selling or marketing in exchange for a profit or commission rate.

Affiliate Amazon is a referral program that you can participate with online, and you choose the products that you want to market through the website, and you can get your commission after completing the sale.

Characteristics of the Amazon Affiliate Program

Application is very easy in this program, and Amazon provides a great platform through which you can search for various products, get the various links for your products and track results.

Amazon has provided a massive platform and tools for marketers, and it even provides you with a plugin that you can use on your site to display Amazon products with ease, which increases your profits.

The conversion rate on the Amazon site is the thing that distinguishes it the most from other sites, as the statistical questionnaire for site visitors and statistics indicates that the conversion rate through the Amazon store has reached 74%, and this number is a world record, as no other site has been able to achieve it so far.

The most important thing that distinguishes the Amazon store is that it is considered as a registered trademark, and the name of the site suggests confidence; This ensures that the customer does not fear that he will be exposed to fraud and makes him comfortable while buying what he wants, which will increase the percentage of sales.

How to create an account on Amazon Affiliate

The way to create an account on the Amazon Affiliate system is standard all you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • log into the amazon affiliate associate progra
  • Enter your email address with which to subscribe to Amazon Affiliate.
  • Enter the required information on the site.
  • You can now add your own website, or the Android application that you use to market products for Amazon,
  • After you implement the previous steps, enter the site that you want to market through the Amazon store, and then enter the description of the site and the products and goods that you want to market in order to profit from Amazon.
  • After you carry out these steps as required by you, the site will ask to activate your account by your phone number, and this is done by receiving a phone call after you enter the code, and the account becomes activated.

amazon kindle

amazon kindle is a platform that allows users to make money online by selling e-books It is known that Amazon had its start in the world of e-commerce by selling books, then expanded as we see it now

The way to work on the platform is that you upload the book that you want sell and set the price required for others to buy it.

However, there are conditions that you must respect to work on the amazon kindlee platform, the most important of which is that you possess the rights to sell the book

Secondly, for the book to have content indicating its title, as Amazon does not accept tampering with titles and covers.

To work this way, you must register on the Amazon Kindle platform to earn money by selling books by clicking on the login link below and registering.

Merch By Amazon

This method is one of the simplest ways to profit from Amazon, and it is based on printing (Print On Demand) T-shirts, you put different T-shirts designs , and when anyone wants to buy them, you print Amazon T-shirts deliver them to the customer, and the price of T-shirts depends on their type.

If you are a designer, or you know someone who excels at designing T-shirts, or you can hire a professional designer through freelance platforms, you can use this method to reap huge profits, and there are a large number of services and companies you can work with to profit from designing T-shirts.

amazon FBA

FBA means packing and shipping through Amazon and as a seller, all you have to do is send the stock of your product to the Amazon warehouse, and Amazon itself handles the shipping process for the buyer.
Some merchants ship packages in person and complete the sending process to the buyer to avoid paying the heavy Amazon fees. This system has its own drawbacks and advantages, but if your product is manufactured in large numbers, using Amazon FBA will make more sense and more economical.
Of all the options available to you to make money from the Amazon, becoming a merchant on Amazon is considered the greatest opportunity to get money on Amazon, but it also has the most research and on the other hand you can’t be assured of.

Mechanical Turk

Profit from Amazon: Mechanical Turk, Amazon or MTurk, a way to make small money by completing small businesses.
MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace, built to be a bridge between the things that people can do and the things that a computer cannot do. Amazon calls this system “Human Intelligence Task”. This system includes data entry, audio-to-text, data sorting, image customization, and much more.
You probably won’t make much money with this method, but the work you do is simple enough that almost anyone can do.


There are a lot of people out there who want to profit from the Internet, and making money from Amazon, this gigantic entity, is one of the best tools that anyone can start with.

there a lot of details about each method that we see in this article we will ensure to give you specific guide bout each one. leave a comment if you have a question

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