How are LSI keywords Important in SEO?

LSI keywords

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are guaranteed to hear quite a lot about keyword and their relations to your content rankings. However, you will not come across Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) often enough, and in some cases, you might never even hear about it.

Even though LSI keywords don’t get much attention as far as SEO is concerned, they still matter. In this article, you will learn more about them and how they are related to SEO and content rankings.

What are LSI keywords?

In the simplest terms, LSI keywords are a set of words and phrases that are closely related to a given topic. If, for example, you are talking about cars, then words and phrases such as vehicle, automobile, tires, road, automatic car transmission, and internal combustion engine would all qualify to be LSI keywords.

Why are LSI keywords important?

A few years ago, search engine companies, Google being the main, ranked website based on the keyword concentration of different content. Of course, this strategy gave rise to various unwanted results, with the main being:

  • Irrelevant content
  • Low-quality text
  • Content that did not answer the searcher’s questions

This encouraged Google and other search engine companies to adopt methods that would use properties such as relevance and intent of web content in answering the searcher questions. That’s where LSI keywords became important, simply because they allowed marketers to provide relevant content for their audience.

LSI keywords versus long tail keywords

The similarities between them, without much experience with the topic, you can easily mistake LSI words for long words. They are not the same.

The main difference between the long keyword and LSI keyword is that the first word aims to narrow the scope of Google’s search, while the last word actually broadens the range with related terms.

Typically, long keywords are extended versions of a group of frequently used keywords, while LSI can be semantic related, without actually including the keyword in the search term. You want to use keywords to satisfy searcher’s intent, and the LSI index to help search engines find out what your site is about.

So, are LSI keywords important in SEO?

Unlike what search engine companies considered a few years ago when it came to SEO ranking, there are quite a number of additional factors that go into play as far as the ranking of your website in search engine results is concerned.

Even though Google’s representatives say that the company almost doesn’t rely on LSI keywords for rankings, there are a couple of reasons why such keywords are important in SEO and rankings. The main reasons why LSI keywords are important for your SEO strategy are:

  • They enable better visibility for your content
  • Present a wider range of ranking opportunities, since you not only rank for specific keywords
  • They allow for improved content quality since the content writers won’t have to pay attention to the density of a specific keyword
  • They allow for content relevance without keyword stuffing
  • Limit the chance of being penalized for overusing a given keyword

LSI keyword implementation

When it comes to searching, searching, and selecting the best LSI keywords, the tools are plenty. However, no matter which method you use to find the perfect matches for your topic, there is still an important step that you need to take here – implementation.

Keyword placement is closely related to the quality of your content. Include LSI in your articles as follows:

Page Title

– Although your keyword is basic, of course, it will take priority in your title tag, if applicable, you’ll use some very relevant LSI keywords.
Article titles

Header tags

should contain LSI keywords that allow you to describe the content of each paragraph. Google pays attention to content headings (H1, H2, H3), and LSI will help you divide your written content into sections.

Anchor Text

Text that links to another webpage is called anchor text. If you want to make anchor points more reliable, switch from your primary keyword to an LSI alternative. Various anchor scripts will prevent search engine algorithms from telling Google that you are forcing certain keywords.

First and Last Paragraphs

– The closely related LSI words should also be found at the beginning and end of the article. This will allow you to strengthen the message you are trying to convey through your content, and it will also help you maintain the natural flow of the article.

Alternate headlines or text for images

– When you upload an image to one of your pages, renaming it is necessary to boost your SEO. Making descriptive alt text with the help of LSI keywords will ensure natural optimization.

In summary,

Even though LSI keywords are not the magical ingredient that will enhance your SEO strategy, they play a major role in enhancing your web content, hence make it possible to rank higher. However, you still have to choose the right keywords that are closely connected to the topic that you are addressing, to make it easier for readers to find your content.

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