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Landing Page

What’s a Landing Page ?

It is one of the web pages on the Internet that may arise for a specific reason. that reason may be the implementation of any type of operation, whether purchases or sales.

The landing page differs from any page on the site, in that the landing page has a specific function, through which the process of converting the customer from just a visitor to a buyer or subscriber

For this reason, landing pages are the best choice for increasing conversion rates in marketing campaigns.

The goal of creating landing pages

Attracting potential customers

You can simply increase your potential customer acquisition rate by directing them to dedicated landing pages, which allow your sales team to follow these potential customers and convert them into actual customers easily.

Collect a database of your target audience

You can have a wide and large database for your target audience and use it later when creating more landing pages or when applying any of the e-marketing strategies.

Through this database you have the ability to study your target audience well and completely and to identify the products or services that they are really interested in, to ensure their interaction

Improve your store’s advertising campaigns

You can significantly improve the advertising campaigns that you create to market and promote your store and your products or services

best landing page builder

now will get to know the best tools that help you create and prepare them in an attractive and distinctive way:


Landing Page Builder GetResponse has an easy landing page creation and drop feature that allows users to develop 100% landing pages and responsive web forms.

The company’s online marketers can develop sales websites and webinars, a Thank You page, subscriptions, About Us, and downloads within a few minutes. In addition, GetResp one allows subscribers to test, analyze, and optimize their pages to increase conversion rates


leadpages allows you to build amazing advertising campaigns capable of attracting potential customers, and converting them into actual customers, as it is characterized by its ability to integrate with all e-marketing tools, from Facebook to e-commerce platforms.

This tool also provides the ability to test different models of the same advertising campaign side by side, so that you can know which models are most likely to succeed.


With InstaPage, you can create a landing page from a template quite easily.

There are over 200 templates to choose from, and they all feature strong “call-to-action” phrases, conveniently organized by case scenario: create visit link invitations via webinars, events, e-book promotion, and more.


Lander tool specialized in creating landing pages, it contains many features and templates that you only have to choose between them and start working.

It contains a very easy special editor that you can change anything you want with just one click, it also contains the A / B testing feature to find out the best pages, and of course the ability to add any form you want and link it with any Autoresponder system to compile your mailing list, and do not forget the analyzes and all That you want in one tool.


The editor for this tool has a (Drag & Drop) feature, which makes it very easy to build pages without ever needing any skill in design languages ​​and codes, you just arrange the elements.

It is characterized by having a full connection with most of the autoresponders available to collect your mailing list emails, A / B testing, excellent analyzes and at the same time, distinctive and well-tested templates that you can use easily, the ability to add pages to your private domain, and other great features.

Landing page performance indicators

The most important indicators you will need to measure after launching your landing page:

  • Bounce rate.
  • Traffic rate.
  • Determine the source of the reaction.
  • The average cost of conversion.
  • Traffic source
  • Average time on page
  • Conversion value

Landing pages are a very important element in online marketing, especially for sites that sell services or products.
It is also an effective and very important element for affiliate marketers.

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