Is WordPress Really More Hackable Than Others?

HTTP protocol/wordpress secutity

WordPress based sites are among the most vulnerable targets of the attack on the Internet, as they are more vulnerable to hacking than any other type of site.

Since these sites work on the Internet and run hundreds of thousands of code in the background, it is important to pay attention to the security issues of the site, especially since WordPress is a well-known and well-known platform and being targeted by attackers is a possibility.

Why is Your WordPress Blog a Valuable Goal?

If you are wondering why a hacker wants to take control of your WordPress blog, there are several reasons including:

  • Using it to secretly send unwanted emails
  • Stealing your data like mailing list or credit card information
  • Add your site to the robots that can be used at a later time

Fortunately, WordPress is a platform that provides you with many opportunities to defend yourself. Having helped set up and manage various sites and blogs myself, I want to share with you some basic things you can do to help secure your WordPress site.


HTTPS is a combination of the HTTP protocol and the SSL / TLS protocol that creates an encrypted and secure channel between the user and the server to deny any third party access to the sent data or what is called a man-in-the-middle attack.

HTTPS also plays a role in improving the visibility of your site (SEO) on the search engine Google because the latter believes that the encryption of data via the HTTP protocol is evidence of the professionalism of your site and your concern for the safety and security of visitor information.

Take advantage of a content distribution network (CDN)

While this may not save your site from being hacked, it does help mitigate the malicious attacks against it. Some hackers aim to bring down websites, making them inaccessible to the public. CDN will help mitigate the blow from a distributed denial-of-service attack on your site.

Besides, it also helps you speed up your site a little by caching some content. To explore this option, see Cloudflare as an example. Cloudflare offers CDN services with multi-level pricing tiers, so you can use the basic features for free.

Hide the WordPress version number

A number of versions of WordPress have known vulnerabilities and some security problems, and WordPress shows the version number by default inside the tag<head>, which enables hackers to know which version you are using and then search for the security holes in it.

Choose a good admin username

Use unusual usernames. Previously with WordPress, you had to start with a default admin username, but this is no longer the case. However, most of the new webmasters use the default username and need to change their username. You can use Admin Renamer Extended to change the admin username.

Wp-config.php file protection

The wp-config.php file contains important information about your WordPress installation and is the most important file in your site’s root directory. Protecting it means securing the core of your WordPress blog.

This tactic makes it difficult for hackers to breach your site’s security, as the wp-config.php file is inaccessible.

Change the default link for the login page

The link to the login page can be changed to your WordPress dashboard, and we explained how to do that in a previous thread with the WPS Hide Login plugin. The purpose of this step is to prevent intruders from accessing the login page at the default /wp-login.php link.

Set up website lockout feature and block users

The lockdown feature of failed login attempts can solve the massive problem of Brute Force’s constant attempts. When there is a hacking attempt with wrong passwords repeated, the site gets locked, and you are notified of this unauthorized activity.

Make sure all of your software is up to date

No matter how efficient or costly the software is, there will always be new vulnerabilities present in it that may leave it open for exploitation. WordPress is no exception, and the team is constantly releasing newer versions with fixes and updates

If you use plugins, make sure that updates are released regularly, or you are thinking of finding popular plugins with similar functionality being updated.


No matter the security measures or how careful you are, accidents happen. Save yourself from overwhelming debris and hundreds of hours of work simply by making sure you have adequate backup services in place

Install security plugins for WordPress

There are many good WordPress security plugins that are a good helper for many of the common security needs. Sucuri, WordFence, Jetpack Protect, and iThemes Security are among the names of the plugins that come to my mind quickly. There are many other additions.

We hope this article helped you to know the main reasons why a WordPress hack is common, and how to protect your site from hacking attempts.

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