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Do you want to build a website and make it visible to the public through the internet? are you wondering how the tons of files you need to include in your website will reach an audience online? What you actually need is a domain builder and web hosting software.

If you searching on the internet you will find many domain builders, website builders, and web hosting software, through research and reading many reviews today a will take you through one of the most famous Webhosting

what’s is HostGator

HostGator is one of the most famous hosting companies that provide the best web hosting at the level of foreign Internet companies. It started providing web hosting service since 2002 and it has many advantages that made it have thousands of customers from around the world and it offers all kinds of hosting such as cloud hosting

HostGator hosting features

HostGator comes with many features, a C-Panel control panel, ease of installation of WordPress, good technical support, and great stability in their hosting, and we will go into detail for each feature

1 – Cpanel control panel

The support for the C-Panel control panel is one of its most important features that help beginners.

2 – Free domain registration

HostGator hosting currently offers a free domain when purchasing one of its hosting plans, unlike what was happening previously, as the domain registration service was not fre

3- Unlimited hosting and 99.99% hosting stability + free SSL certificate

HostGator Hosting offers unlimited storage space + unlimited bandwidth data transfer, unlimited databases, and a completely free SSL certificate,

The company also guarantees that your site is 99.99% stable, meaning that your site will not stop working for any reason!

4-Transfer your site for free

If your site is on another hosting company, it transfers all your site files, whether images, articles or databases for free only.

When buying a HostGator hosting, a request is made to transfer your site for free, and your request will be executed without stopping the site, and this feature is not present in most web hosting companies

5-Easy to install WordPress

If you are a beginner and do not have any experience in managing websites, you can install a WordPress script with one click to start your site working immediately after choosing the appropriate template for your site activity

6-45 days money back guarantee

HostGator is confident of satisfying its customers to the point of extending its regular warranty period to a 45-day money-back policy. That is, you can use their services for more than a month and get your money back if you encounter any problem with them.

Hostgator PRICES

Shared Hosting

  • Hatchling Plan – $2.75/month
  • Baby Plan – $3.95/month
  • Business Plan – $5.95/month

WordPress Hosting

  • Starter Plan– $5.95/month
  • Standard Plan – $7.95/month
  • Business Plan – $9.95/month

VPS Hosting

  • Snappy 2000– $19.95/month
  • – 4000 – $29.95/month
  • – 8000 – $39.95/month


HostGator, a shared hosting company, offers many benefits, and the company’s performance during the time of the site’s activity has continuously improved over the past years, and we will not forget the quality and friendliness of the technical support department, in addition to the company’s options that are sensitive to beginners.

But the combination of load times problems and price hikes make it difficult for them to view their services as being of high value for money.

Although their shared hosting services do not look promising because of this, the company has a slightly higher priced WordPress cloud hosting service with superior performance. So as far as HostGator is concerned, this is the service we recommend especially since you will often end up paying comparable costs when using their shared hosting services.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Will it work well for a newbie startup focusing on niche ecommerce products?
    I recently moved to WP and found the entire process streamlined to a great extent.

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