guest post: best strategie to build your Quality Backlinks

Guest Post

Backlink Guest Post is one of the strongest startegie to build a qualite backlink for your sites. All website owners strive to appear in the primary search engines, whether your site is commercial or personal. There are many ways to benefit from it, and in general, now, to enter the year 2021, the largest site is using BackLink Guest Post.

What is a guest post?

it is a text that someone posts to a blog in which they are a guest author or guest writer.

Often the contents are exchanged between partners, meaning each blog writer sends a post to be published in the other’s blog.

This work is known as (Guest Post) or (Guest Blogging) and it achieves positive points both for whoever writes the post or who publishes it on his blog, in addition to benefiting readers who will enjoy access to the original texts, which are useful and that provide all the enrichment and related to people’s interests.

The advantages of guest post

guest posts can bring a lot of benefits to your blog. We will get acquainted with the main advantages:

Reach a larger audience

When you post a text that you wrote on another blog, you are reaching the readers accustomed to reading the content that your partner publishes on his blog. This means that you will have more people entering your business and getting to know you

Establish strategic partnerships

When you exchange posts and write on blogs that are similar to yours in terms of topic, you establish a relationship with that partner.

Enjoy the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO)

There is no doubt that the concept of link building is the most important strategy in the field of SEO, and this means that when there are other sites that add links that guide the reader to your blog, this is very important for Google,

How to find backlink guest post sites

Step 1: find the sites

Find blogs that contain topics that are similar or complementary to your blog

It is very important to seek partnerships with blogs that talk about topics related to your niche or have a similar audience or target audience to yours.

By searching the backlinks of your competitors

Inevitably, the success of your site requires analyzing your competitors’ sites, especially backlinks. Check those links, especially those coming from a guest blog post on some site in the same industry, and do the same.


Most sites that accept guest posts have a dedicated page that you can find from Google.In particular, you can use the following keywords:

  • propose a guest article
  • submit a guest article
  • contribute to the blog

For more precision, you can add your domain afterwards.

Step 2:Prioritize your list

Quality of articles

the most subjective: does the site offer quality content.


To estimate authority, you can rely on the different estimates that SEO tools offer:

  • Domain authority for Moz.
  • Domain rating at Ahrefs.

Sites with low Domain Authority may not be a good strategy for you, and in some cases it may darken your site and give you negative consequences.


The main element is the type of link offered by the site.

Step 3:Connect with sore blogs

After preparing a list of potential partner blogs and selecting topics for your suggestion, you should send an email to the officials and invite them to share posts with you.

Try to show the reason and motivation of this partnership and the reasons that can make this partnership beneficial for both parties, in addition to that, and as we talked before, send a clear and honest proposal! Depending on the situation, you can suggest 1 to 3 topics to open up opportunities between you.

Step 4:Start writing

If you get a “green light” to establish a partnership, it is time to start writing the posts! Here are some very necessary tips for this stage:

  • Organize everything to stick to the dates you have arranged and agreed upon with your partner.
  • Remember to add guest posts to your editorial calendar.
  • Check that you adhere to the minimum word mark previously set.
  • Match the language and syntax of the text to the style of the blog hosting your post.
  • Create content that adds real value to your readers and don’t advertise your services and products.
  • Don’t overdo it with adding links to your post.

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