Elementor: The ultimate guide Review

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for easy drag-and-drop page creation and design.

In today’s topic we’ll show you everything you need to know about the Elementor page builder plugin.

You will learn what this tool does, and we will list all its advantages and disadvantages, and help you determine whether or not it is the right tool for creating your website pages. It’s a drag-and-drop plugin for WordPress. This means several things: Elementor lets you create pages and posts that have a distinctive and different look

Key points of defining Elementor:

  • compared to the default pages that came with WordPress themes.
  • You get a 100% separate interface for working on the design of your pages
  • It requires no HTML / CSS / PHP / programming skills – everything can be done with an easy-to-use user interface.
  • It works on the front end of your website, which means it instantly shows you the results of your business in a “what you see, what you get” way.
  • You can use it to create any content layout or page layout you can imagine – regardless of what your current WordPress template allows you to do.

How to get benefit from the Elementor plugin

The main benefit of using the Elementor plugin is that you can create great page designs, even if you are not a professional and have no experience building and designing websites.

This is especially important if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to hire someone to help you create the site.

The DIY (or do it yourself) principle also seems to have a lot of resonance with WordPress users from all over the world right now, at the time of writing this article is an Elementor plugin installed and active on over 5 million WordPress sites!

This is a very large number and shows how popular and popular Elementor is.

important features of Elementor:

  • There are over 90 content items/units to choose from – images, headings, buttons, display shelves, counters, progress bars, certificates, and more.
  • The pages that are designed are all mobile responsive and SEO friendly.
  • There is a library of pre-made page templates that can be imported and edited (there are over 150 free templates and over 300 professional templates available)
  • You can save your templates for reuse at any time.
  • If you are using the paid version of Elementor, you can use the “Theme Builder” feature which allows you to modify basic elements in the template such as header and footer, individual articles template, or blog archive.
  • WooCommerce Builder module. It allows you to bring back all the default WooCommerce pages

The difference between the free and paid version of Elementor

There are several basic differences between these two versions. The paid version of Elementor Pro offers more features and customization capabilities compared to the free version. Such as :

Personalize every part of your site design:

By using the features of the paid version of Elementor, you will not remain restricted by the capabilities of the limited themes. You can design all of the margins at the top of the page, the footnotes, the archive pages, the pages of posts in addition to designing the various other parts of your site personally without the need for programming skills.

300+ professional ready-made templates and designs:

Elementor Pro provides you with more ready-made templates and easy-to-edit widgets to help you design your own site. All of these ready-made templates and designs are compatible with the premium interface elements of the paid version.

Designing entry fields and integrating them smoothly into the page:

Input fields are an essential part of the Internet, as they represent the best way to communicate with the site administration. That’s why Elementor Pro offers an advanced set of ready-made input fields that can be added to your site

Elementor add-on price

The paid version Pro contains some interesting and advanced features such as:

  • Over 50 additional content items / units.
  • Over 300 additional pre-made templates.
  • Theme Builder template builder with which you can change all parts of the template you use.
  • WooCommerce Builder is a tool that allows you to rebuild online store product pages.
  • Visual Form Builder provides you with integration with popular marketing tools.
  • You can create Global Widgets and then reuse them throughout the site.
  • Add custom CSS code to any block you add to the site page.

Elementor Pro price

you can purshase from here


We can say that Elementor has all the features you need to easily customize WordPress. The plugin interface is not cluttered with extra useless options like some plugins so it will be easy to use and you will understand. Most importantly, even beginners and tech-savvy people can easily use the plugin to build beautiful websites.

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