Clickbank: How to make money step by step

what’s Clickbank

Founded in 1998, Clickbank has quickly grown to become the leading global retailer and affiliate market place. It is an eCommerce platform that digital content creators and affiliates are linked to millions of customers around the world. Today ClickBank has over 4000 unique products and over 200 million customers worldwide. Clickbank is 100% free to join, there is no screening, no caps, or complicated metrics as is the case with other similar platforms. Anyone who wants to give it a shot can try.

how to make money whit Clickbank

I guess you probably know this. What you probably don’t know is how to make money on this eCommerce platform. If that is the case, then today you have landed in the right place. In this article, I will give you step by step process on how to make money on ClickBank.

Before I discuss steps to make money on ClickBank, let me first discuss ways to make money on ClickBank. There are two ways to make money on ClickBank. The first way is by creating your own products and listing them on this eCommerce site. The second way is by becoming an affiliate marketer and listing other merchant’s products then earn a commission from every successful sale.

Now let discuss how to make money on ClickBank.

Step 1:Register in Clickbank

Go to the site from here

And like any site you register in, you are required to enter some basic data, such as: country, name, email, phone number, password, and other other data

Step 2: Identify the right product to promote

The first and the most important step to making money on ClickBank is identifying the right product to promote. Remember that no matter how good you are in promoting products online, if you don’t promote the right product that your target customers are searching for, you will make zero sales.

Based on this agreement, you must know that there are some things that you should consider when choosing products from Clinique Bank.

  • The Gravity of the product must be high because it is an indication of the movement of selling the product, if it is high then this indicates that the product is sold in abundance and is wanted in the market.
  • Read product reviews, if it is good then it is a good product, otherwise do not market it, unless you want to lose your customers, this is an excellent way!
  • The commission is a relative matter and it is due to the number of your daily sales and how much you want to win daily, but if you want my opinion, choose products that have a commission of at least $ 25.
  • In addition to the commission, it is preferable for the product to be marked “Upsell”, this means that the product carries an additional commission for you over your commission.

Step 3: Build a landing page

In this step, You need to build a landing page that is simple and straightforward. It should not contain things that will confuse or turn off the customer. Simple landing pages have a better conversion. There are many platforms you can use to build your ClickBank landing page. For instance, in my case, I usually use Wix because it is simple, easy to use, flexible, and reliable. Anyone, including a 15-year old, can build a landing page on Wix. All you need to do is drag and drop features from the menu.

Step 4: Drive traffic

Driving traffic to the landing page is the hardest part. At least 90% of people usually quit at this stage. Driving traffic is not easy, it requires patience and great marketing strategies. Some of the tactics to use to drive traffic to your landing page include finding related articles on your site then add a banner on the side or in the middle of the article. You can also insert a link directly into the content. If you have done a good job in convincing your visitors, they will most probably click the link and take action. You can also use email marketing, pay per click (PPC), or guest blogging to market your products and drive traffic to your landing page.

Some mistakes in profit from Clickbank

Some beginners make fatal mistakes unintentionally, but they cause them to drastically reduce their profit or not win anything if you will. So what are these mistakes in order to avoid falling into them?

  • Direct advertisement of the product page through Facebook or Google.
  • Create a general blog for a lot of products thinking that this increases their sales.
  • They do not create a mailing list.

These are the most common mistakes that most beginners make in this field while marketing their products. Do not involve yourself in these mistakes because you will lose a lot and a lot because of them, follow what I told you, and during your journey on the road to profit from your clinic, you will learn a lot of experiences and techniques, and you will have your own way of reaping a lot of commissions and profits.


ClickBank is a great platform that you can utilize to make money online. This eCommerce platform is very easy to join and also more profitable than other affiliate platforms such as Amazon and AdSense. However, to make money, you need to use the right strategy as discussed above.

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