WordPress Plugins: Best Auto Post Plugins

Social media sites have had a remarkable impact and power on society in the recent period, so all projects, ideas, and products are being promoted and shared on social media and social media sites.

You only need to choose the appropriate plugin for this function, and for this, you will find dozens of plugins for this function, and these plugins differ in different goals and methods of use, some of them are easy and simple, and some are complex and many settings, but in the end, they perform the same function, That’s why today we’re going to show you the best Auto Post Plugins for managing social media settings on your site.

Best Auto Post Plugins for WordPress

Revive Old Post

This add-on enables you to automatically publish your articles and share them on social networking sites, whether recent or old articles.

The first time you install it, you need to install it and configure the settings, then you can then take advantage of

All its advantages:
This add-on has many features as it enables you to post specific articles with specific deadlines,You can also set and customize the following:

  • The time intervals between post one article and another.
  • Determine the time of publication.
  • Determine the number of posts published on a daily basis.
  • The number of times you want to share a specific post.
  • The content of the post containing the article and its format.

In addition to all of the above, you can create custom scheduling and track social media traffic using Google Analytics.

This tool works with Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, and Tumblr.

Social Web Suite

The Social Web Suite add-on is a free tool to activate automatic posting on social networking sites for WordPress sites, including Twitter and Facebook, which you can use to effectively market through social media and networks. It gives you many great options to boost your online presence, such as auto-posting, scheduling topics, and customizing content with ease.

Social Web Suite Addition Features:

  • Automatically share your topics and site contents according to the settings you have chosen.
  • Bit.ly statistics all-in-one so you have all the details in one place.
  • Add custom messages to each of the content you share.
  • Supports custom post types and custom labels.
  • Post the contents in minutes.
  • Option to share content as links without media files.
  • Choose the hashtag link for each social account separately.
  • Submit your articles across all of your social networks including Twitter and Facebook (pages, groups, and closed groups) and LinkedIn (profiles and pages).

Easy Social Sharing

It is considered one of the best automatic publishing add-ons as it enables the integration of many communication sites in one place and publishes content on all sites at the same time. Among the advantages of the “Easy Social Sharing” WordPress automatic publishing add-on is the following:

  • The ability to easily link more than 15 social media sites, allowing you to publish content in one go.
  • Reschedule posts and repost in minutes.
  • There is an option to limit the number of posts for each topic.
  • The ability to share content according to the settings that you have set, with social interaction buttons displayed at the top or bottom of each post.


GetSocial Auto Poster is a great and easy-to-use plugin for auto-publishing on social media for WordPress sites. This plugin was developed to facilitate re-posting and rescheduling of WordPress posts on many different social networks.

Features of adding GetSocial Auto Poster

  • Option to categorize and post topics to separate social media.
  • You can easily create, publish, republish, and schedule your content.
  • User-friendly interface which makes it suitable for beginners.
  • Setup and installation are very easy.
  • It does not affect the site loading speed in any way.
  • The possibility of linking old topics with new ones when publishing new topics with ease

AccessPress Social Counter

The ideal WordPress plugin to easily add automatic posting to social networking sites. Easily configure your social accounts and leave the rest on this plugin to take care of everything.

The extension contains many features that make it one of the plugins in this field. In addition to that, you can also merge most social media sites in one place and change as many settings as your convenience.

AccessPress plugin features

  • Auto-post option for all known social media sites.
  • Add unlimited accounts to all social media sites with ease.
  • Automatic sharing filter option to specify which posts you want to share automatically.
  • Option to shorten URLs for Twitter.
  • Providing records and statistics to track the progress of your business and the spread of your posts through social media.
  • Enable or disable post in the publish screen.

WordPress Automatic Plugin

It is considered one of the best add-ons at all, and it has many advantages that cannot be mentioned completely now, but we can mention some of them such as:

  • Publish Amazon products automatically, by targeting the extension using keywords to get Amazon products, and automatically synchronizing the price update if they change on Amazon.
  • Publish ClickBank products by capturing the product description from its source on the site, by entering keywords, and placing your affiliate links automatically, as is the case with Amazon.
  • Publish videos from YouTube, with a playlist that you set and publish automatically.
  • Add an RSS feed that enables you to get posts from other sites, and get hashtags and sections.
  • Publish audio files from SoundCloud playlists to WordPress, by setting keywords for your favorite clips, and the plugin will automatically handle the publishing process.
  • Automatic posting to WordPress from any website that publishes content related to the content you submit on your blog, by attracting posts with search words.
  • Publish eBay products automatically, by capturing what is posted on the site with keywords, displaying products and updating pricing.


When it comes to promotional and marketing activities the most effective method is definitely social media and internet platforms. Today, this process has become much simpler with automatic social media post plugins for WordPress sites. All the plugins that we have introduced today work in order to provide a basic service, which is automatic publishing on social media sites, to facilitate the process of sharing and promoting content automatically and easily. Just adjust the settings and select the social media platforms and they will take care of everything.


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