Affiliate Marketing: a guide to creating an affiliate website

Affiliate marketing outline concept Flat business commercial and advertisement strategy using SEO, pay per click, and mail. A human handshake and global online network

In this article, we will provide you an extensive overview of everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, how to build your WordPress website, and make yourself a boss.

What is affiliate marketing?

Let us understand it in a simple way.

Affiliate marketing allows you to choose a particular product, promote it online, sell it through referrals, and earn a commission for each sale. Affiliate marketing is one of the

Lucrative ways of making money online

One of the best ways of making money through affiliate marketing is to have a substantial online following, which will help you promote your products. And of course, there is a need to build a website. You also need traffic and the best strategies to start earning money while in sleep.

Types of affiliate marketing

There are plenty of affiliate websites available for you to start making a living if you are prepared well with all efforts needed. Some of them may include;


The content-based affiliate network is taking the world by storm. It deals with individuals with their blog websites. They employ affiliate marketing to earn money from potential customers. Content-based individuals most often prefer writing blogs about their chosen products and add affiliate links to them.

Product review sites

Another best way of making money through affiliate marketing is by reviewing other people’s products. You only need to create an account with an affiliate network and give a review. It helps in influencing potential customers to purchase the products.

Price comparison

Making money through this affiliate marketing network is far more complicated yet also simpler. Your work is to search for a given product and earn a commission from different online retailers and shops for each click. This type of offers a comparison pricing table, so you need to have an updated system that collects prices from all around the website.


It is the easiest way to make money online. It requires one to create video content with all the reliable information explaining particular products. To make things more helpful, you can create video tutorials and slides and earn yourself extra money.

Daily deals website

One of the most popular affiliate marketing networks is daily deals. You know this kind of website. You need to strike a deal with businesses and offer discounts on the products you sell. However, it is for a limited amount of time.

What are the advantages

Affiliate marketing is a profitable way of making money online for good reasons. Here are the advantages it offers;

  • You don’t need to create your products
  • Low risk
  • Earn money independently
  • The cost of upfront is low

How to create an affiliate website using WordPress

There are a plethora of websites out there you can choose to build your affiliate marketing network with. For many users, WordPress stands the best of them all-why? Firstly and very obvious, it is beautiful and search engine friendly. secondly, it is versatile for both beginners and experts.

Step by step guide on how to create an affiliate website using WordPress

Building an affiliate website is now going to be much easier than ever before.

Here is what is required;

Follow these five steps when creating a WordPress website;

Step 1. Pick the right domain (make it short, maximum of three words) name and best hosting provider.

Step 2. Download WordPress package. Make sure it is from the official WordPress website.

Step 3. Install WordPress

Step 4. Select your suitable affiliate theme. Activate it.

Step 5. Install essential affiliate plugins. Activate them

Step 6. You are done!

To sum up

Creating a profitable affiliate website is never simple. It requires a lot of time and effort. You only need some patience. All in all, affiliate marketing is a lifetime investment with WordPress.

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