Affiliate Marketing: best affiliate programs for 2020

Affiliate marketing concept illustration. Idea of business and advertising.

Affiliate Marketing has become one of the most popular means of making money on the Internet, and the most popular one, because it is almost cost-free in terms of starting, and also because anyone can start it, regardless of age, work, hobbies, location, or any aspect of the country. Life was your direction.

The best affiliate companies that you can deal with as an affiliate marketer.

Amazon Affiliate

Certainly, this site does not need to be defined, as Amazon is one of the largest American e-commerce sites in the world.

Amazon provides marketers and internet workers the opportunity from home to earn money, by selling Amazon products for a ratio of between 4 to 15%, and the site has a global reputation and high credibility in paying profits and delivering products to homes around the clock, and anywhere in the world all of which.

Ebay Affiliate

The affiliate marketing program in eBay is considered the first competitor to Amazon, as eBay is one of the largest known sites on the Internet, so all you have to do is subscribe to the eBay program and start marketing its products through your own methods.

Target’s affiliate

Similar to Amazon, Target’s affiliate network is designed to help bloggers and publishers earn income from the targeted sale of products. Because most Americans know the goal, and trust it, Target Affiliates can be a very lucrative affiliate program for good content creators.

This program works exclusively with physical products sold by targeted stores

GearBest Affiliate

GearBest platform, you can consider it the Amazon for electronics, there are millions of people who trust this giant network specialized in the field of electronics of all kinds.

 sharesale affiliate

ShareAsale is one of the oldest affiliate sites The beauty of this site is that many products can be marketed, in various fields, whether physical or even electronic. It is also one of the largest affiliate sites.

It provides a large database of advertisers and products that you can market


Clickbank is one of the best affiliate marketing sites ever. This latter is similar to the ShareASale, as it is a marketplace full of product owners. Since Clickbank is an intermediary between you and the owner of the product, Therefore, you can choose the product according to your audience’s interest.
Most of the products on this site are digital products (courses, tools …). Clickbank includes a group of product categories, and the commission in it reaches 75%


JVZoo was established in 2011 and it has gained a lot of trust from its is among the best affiliate networks due to its high efficiency.

You can easily get commission on your sales instantly with various modes which are other unique features of this platform.

It’s easy to join this platform for free, and if you are going to launch a new product then this is one of the best platforms which can provide advantages for your product.

Affiliate Shopify

Shopify has a true affiliate marketing system. It is classified under high ticket affiliate programs. Imagine with me that the commission is 200%, meaning that you earn more than the person pays to join it.
The beauty of this company is that it is considered the No 1 platform in establishing online stores, in other words, means that you will not have difficulty persuading the customer to register for it.
It is true that marketing for this company is great profits, however, it is very strict and requires that you bring people who are really interested in selling online.

Most of the programs are very large companies, give good commission, and are characterized by high credibility.
While you really want to start a real affiliate business, you must create a website. Most of these companies or any other sites require that you have your own site where you market the products, otherwise your request to register in it will not be accepted, and in some cases, the commission will not be calculated for you.

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