Accelerated Mobile Pages: What You Need to Know

Companies and websites invest in developing the performance of their mobile pages by quickly downloading the contents of websites and web pages on smartphones and tablets for all users. It has been ensured that without solving the slow problems associated with websites on mobile devices, visitors will decline significantly while conversions, sales and revenues from projects on the Internet It will collapse in this case.

It is certain that you have heard the term AMP accelerated pages, and you may have noticed some type of fast-loading pages when accessing a specific site page from Google’s search results, or even a different ping from the mobile pages of those sites, which is much faster.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is an open-source project that Google announced in 2015 as a competitor to the online articles on Facebook and Apple News.


It is to eliminate the problem of slow website pages on mobile devices. And accelerate the capabilities of these pages in order to be able to download faster than before, it speeds up downloading:

  • Texts
  • Pictures
  • video clips
  • Lists
  • Options
  • The various contents that make up the page in general

Why is AMP important?

AMP is important because it helps to speed up the loading of web pages to improve their usability by your visitors and convince them to stay longer on your site and deal with your content, and – clearly and explicitly – accelerate the load time leads to more efficiency, which reduces the bounce rate of your site It improves mobile ranking.

However, AMP does not improve the content on its own. Even though downloading AMP-supported content does not take 15 seconds, the content must be good for the visitor in order not to increase the bounce rate, so making your site’s bounce rate low or at least normal You need to take care of working together; Fast download time plus great content.

AMP has the ability to make your visitors happy, and this means a lot to Google, as you can satisfy Google and get the highest ranking, which brings you more traffic and increases revenue, provided you stay away from misleading headlines.

Downsides of “AMP”

1- It reduces advertising revenue

Although the mobile accelerator pages project supports ads so that it is a source of advertising revenue, but until now the ads feature on mobile accelerator pages has not been taken advantage of when entering the AMP ads page.

2- Poor analyzes

AMP supports Google Analytics but requires the implementation of a different tag on all AMP pages. Obviously, implementing the crown on all AMP pages takes a lot of time to set this tag in order to be able to collect and analyze data.

3- The high speed of AMP pages is not related to a specific technology

As a matter of fact, Google does not provide any specific technology to make your site pages enjoy super-fast, all it actually does is provide cached copies of AMP pages whenever visitors access them from the cache

Activate accelerated pages AMP in WordPress sites

We must first agree that AMP actually supports WordPress and many content management systems, hoping that the rest of the platforms will support it.

On the other hand, it is not a monopoly on foreign websites. Rather, it has been supporting Arab websites for months, and there are two add-ons that provide for the easy activation of AMP pages for WordPress sites.

Start with the AMP plugin from Automattic, which provides the activation of these pages on your site without any problems. From the template settings, you can change the color of the template, add the site logo, and control the color of the titles and texts.

This extension does not provide the feature of adding ads or showing them, nor does it provide the integration of statistics code in these pages to track visits to them, not to mention that it does not support the method of Arabic writing direction from right to left.

So you can install it as it contains the basics and it is the official, and then install a great addition to it which is AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages.

This add-on was simply created to enable website owners to get more settings to control accelerated mobile pages, as it provides adding Facebook comments to pages as well as activating related articles, adding ads, linking with Google Tag Manager and it supports Google statistics, and also supports adding SEO Yoast SEO.

All visitors can be directed via smartphones to AMP speedy pages, thus getting rid of the mobile version of your site, and this is by activating the Mobile Redirection feature without codes, but only from the extension settings

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