Cloud Storage: Best Services of 2021

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It is one of the most sought-after services by Internet users everywhere. Especially business owners. Using cloud storage saves you from the need to use up a large space in order to keep your files. And of course, in the event that you are constantly connected to the Internet. Inside and outside the home. The cloud storage services vary between storage capacity. And a price list for each service.

What is cloud storage?

it is a huge computer that contains a huge capacity space that users upload their files to be stored. You can connect to your account from any computer and enter your account on the cloud storage company to start downloading or transferring your files.

features :

Ease of access to data wherever and whenever you want:

One of the most important advantages provided by cloud storage is the possibility and easy access to files and data at any time and from anywhere around the world.

Some services are free:

Some services provided by companies in cloud storage are free, as a specific storage capacity is specified for the user’s account.

Backup and restore data feature:

Through the cloud storage service, the user can save backup copies of the files that are important to him, so that he can return to them at any time in case the current version he uses is damaged or lost.

Easily share files, regardless of their size:

One of the most important advantages of cloud storage technology is how to choose it? the ability to share files easily, regardless of their size.

How to choose the service?

Free cloud storage sites are massively popular on the Internet; Your subscription to Google, Mega, Microsoft, and other services allows up to 20 GB of storage space, some of them for free; This allows you to store a library of your important photos, documents, and audios.

But choosing it depends on several factors, such as the variety of devices you use, the size of the space you need, and the level of security that your data requires.

Top companies that provide cloud storage service


It is considered one of the popular sites for providing cloud storage services, as the site offers you 2 GB of storage for free, and if you want to increase the storage capacity limit, you will have to subscribe to the paid packages offered by the site.

Google Drive

It is one of the best free cloud storage services to share large files over the Internet and store them provides you with a large storage capacity, and it is one of Google’s products that you can log into or link with your Gmail account.


Not a very famous service. It is not new either. But Mega is one of the best sites that provide a cloud storage service. Nobody knows why this service is not popular despite what it offers. Mega’s free capacity is 50GB of cloud storage. And this is for free subscription only. As for the paid subscriptions, they start from 200GB to 8TB of cloud storage. Other than that, Mega is a fast and beautiful service in this regard. It will perform what is required of it as a cloud storage service and more. Although the prices are somewhat high for Google Drive


iCloud service, which is affiliated with Apple, but this service is only available to users of Apple products only, it is very suitable to use it to share files with people who use Apple products only, but if you want to synchronize files with users who do not use Apple products, you must use the service Cloud storage is another of the services we covered today


The unique thing about Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service is that it allows you to store everything in one place. After the free capacity was 15GB, it has shrunk to just 5GB. It is one of the most used services in 2020 and is ranked second right after Dropbox among business people. The service is characterized by fast file search and a very easy and smooth user experience when you want to access your files while using the Office applications.

Amazon Cloud

Amazon also entered the competition as it provides cloud storage service and provides users with 5 GB of free capacity at the beginning, then the user can buy the paid packages in case he wants to increase the storage capacity.

Premium members have unlimited photos and 5GB video capacity. The idea is that it requires that you be already a member of Amazon Prime in order to be eligible to take advantage of the free cloud service.

The most popular service among users concerned about the privacy and security of personal files. It provides free 5 GB or 2 TB capacity at $ 8 USD per month, for that, it is the cheapest reliable cloud service over the Internet. One of the most important advantages it has over others is the ability to retrieve accidentally deleted files.


The cloud storage service is a technology that is believed to be the future of storing data and information on the Internet, as many countries are investing millions of dollars in this technology to achieve leadership in it, as with the increase in the volumes of information and files, there is a need for the ability to store this amount in one easy-to-access place in any At any time, from anywhere around the world.

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